1. Start It
2. Cuckoo
3. Itai
4. Safe
5. Glimpse of Home
6. All My Ways
7. This Circling World
8. Wash & Go
9. Autumn Song
Total running time: 62 minutes

Line up
Martin Eden vocals, acoustic guitar
Tobias Budnowski keyboards, acoustic guitar
Udo Lang electric guitar
Herry Rubarth drums, acoustic & electronic percussion
Christoph Tiber bass guitar, 12-string guitar
Toni Moff Mollo lead vocals on All My Ways

Recorded at TRO Studio, Dormagen, mixed by René Förster
Remastered from the pre-mastered DATs by Eroc at Erocs Mastering Ranch, November 2017

Originally released Oct. 1992 on Sisyphus Records
Re-released Nov. 1997 on Inside Out Music
Remastered and re-released Sept. 2018 with bonus disc Live in Paris on Chicadisc
Re-released on black & translucent red vinyl in June 2019 on Chicadisc

1. Start It
2. All My Ways
3. Safe
4. Stellar Attraction
5. Wash & Go
6. Pure
7. A Glimpse Of Jericha
8. After The Day
9. Half Winter…
10. … Half Fool
11. This Circling World
12. Cuckoo
13. Dictator
14. Mbah
Total running time: 78 minutes
Recorded live April 24th, 1993 at the 143 Club in Paris, France.

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