1. Start It
2. Timecode
3. Wash & Go
4. Call For Life
5. Half Empty Half Fool
6. Stay
7. All My Ways (feat. Toni Moff Mollo)
8. Glimpse of Home/Jericha
9. Cuckoo
10. Mountain High

Total running time: 77 min.

Martin Eden vocals
Udo Lang lead guitars
Armin Riemer keyboards, vocoder
Herry Rubarth drums
Christoph Tiber bass guitar
Toni Moff Mollo lead vocals on All My Ways

Recorded live at the Night of the Progs Festival, Loreley 2019.
Mixed by Armin Riemer, Udo Lang, Herry Rubarth and René Förster.
Produced by Armin Riemer.

Video footage by John Vis, Volker Warncke, Meriam Verkleij & Oliver Daque.
DVD edit by Udo &  Maike Lang.

Artwork by Frank Grabowski, photos by Stephan Rombach, Frank Grabowski & Stephan Schelle.
Live at Loreley is available at JustforKicks and Empire Music.

A digital download is available at Bandcamp.